Country Guide: Honduras


Travel Gambit presents the Honduras E-Country Guide!

If you’re planning a trip to Honduras, this guide will help you take those first steps, and give you pointers and tips which you can use throughout your entire trip.


Honduras is on the one hand stunning, and the other, troubled. The second largest country in Central America, it features beautiful reefs and rainforests, Mayan ruins and wildlife, but has a troubled past with political uprisings, war and poverty. Some people skip Honduras when touring Central America, but to do so would be to miss out on everything Honduras has to offer.


Country Overview
Weather Guide
What to Take
Prices and Conversion Rates
Basic Phrases
Main Attractions
Food & Drink
Health & Vaccinations
Visas & Insurance

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This guide is available as a digital PDF. It can be viewed on your computer, or downloaded onto your mobile or tablet so you can take it with you on your trip and access it when needed. This means you won’t need internet access to check any details about the country, because you’ll have all the vital information offline in your E-Country Guide. It can also be printed out for reference. 20 pages in full colour.

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