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E-Country Guides

It couldn’t be simpler! Just head over to the shop where you can choose which guide you want to purchase and read about all the information included inside. Once you’ve picked one, add it to your cart, and once purchased, your guide will be emailed to you and instantly available to download! You can download to your phone, laptop, or tablet, and even print off the guide to carry around on your travels if you wish.

It’s instantaneous! That’s the beauty of electronic guides; you don’t have to wait. As soon as your payment has cleared you’ll receive an email and be able to download the guide straight away. You can then enjoy reading through all the information in your guide to make your trip the best it can be. No hassle or searching through websites or guides, just everything in one place for you to use straight away!

An E-Country Guide is what we here at Travel Gambit have created to help our readers and followers have the best trips they can possibly have when they go away on an adventure. It’s an instantly downloadable PDF document including everything you’ll need for your trip, such as transport advice, country overviews, things to do, currency conversions and much much more. Check out the shop for more details and a list of the guides we have available.

Each country guide provides you with all the information, tips and guidance you’ll need to make your trip a great success. From things to do, weather information, or transport and accommodation tips, the guides have the lot! For a full list of contents, check out the descriptions under each guide in the shop, or see the contents list below:


Country Overview
Weather Guide
What to Take
Prices and Conversion Rates
Basic Phrases
Main Attractions
Food & Drink
Health & Vaccinations
Visas & Insurance

Our guides cost less than a beer or a big mac meal! At under $4/£3, the guides are a great purchase to make before your trip, and could save you lots of money during your travels with all the guidance they provide. Why so cheap? Because we want our readers and followers to have just as much fun as we do when travelling!

Our E-Country Guides provide up-to-date information and are consistently checked to provide the best detail possible. With books, the information quickly goes out of date by the time you’re ready to take your trip, or already out of date even before you by it. You could actually save unnecessary time and possibly money by using our E-Country Guides over books or guides. They also save space by easily being downloaded as a pdf to your computer, laptop, tablet or phone, or even printed off to keep with your luggage!

Let us know! Our list of E-Country Guides is continuously growing, so drop us a message over on the contact page letting us know what country you want a guide for, and we’ll get round to creating it as soon as we can! Any feedback on the current guides is also appreciated – the more feedback and comments we have, the better and more relevant the guides will be to your needs.

We highly doubt this will be the case, but if for whatever reason you are unhappy with your purchase, just drop us a line over on the contact page letting us know why you are not happy, and we will refund you 100%. We’re very confident you’ll love our guides, and that’s why we are willing to offer this 100% refund policy.

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