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Hello, and welcome!

This is our first blog post, so we thought we’d introduce ourselves and let you know a little bit about Travel Gambit.


What Is Travel Gambit?

Assuming you haven’t already visited the about section, you might be wondering what Travel Gambit is. Well, Travel Gambit is a website and social media platform started by me, Jamie, and my partner Sarah. We love travelling and decided to start the website to help out fellow travellers and holiday makers that want more information about countries they’re going to visit. We do this through our blog that features tips, guides, and information about various aspects of travel, as well as posts related to countries we’ve been to and any adventures we’ve had. Our social media platforms are focused through Instagram and Facebook, which provide photos of destinations we’ve visited, video stories of our whereabouts and a place where you can engage and join in with the platform.


Why Did You Start Travel Gambit?

Like many people, we were bored with the 9-5 grind and decided to save up and head on out to the big wide world. At the time of writing, we are currently in Guatemala in a little village called San Pedro, nestled in a hill with a stunning view of Lake Atitlan:

Beats the view from the office, doesn’t it? We’re staying in an Airbnb with a lovely host family who have provided us with our own room, and allow us to join in on their family dinners. Over the last few days we’ve kayaked on the lake, hiked up a mountain and had a beautiful four course meal for the cost of a gourmet bag of crisps back home. It’s these types of experiences that we want to share with our readers and help you have similarly exciting travel stories. In order to do this we started the website, and have created E-Country Guides that anyone can use for their own travels…


What are E-Country Guides?

E-Country Guides are our way to bring you everything you need to know about a country you’ll be visiting via a handy guide that can be easily downloaded to your laptop, computer, tablet, or phone. You can even print them out and add them to your luggage! The benefit of these over other options like guide books or websites is that our guides are regularly updated, cheaper than guidebooks, and can be used offline, so no worries about finding that vital information without internet connection! You can head over to the shop on the website at anytime to find out more and see our ever-growing list of guides to choose from.


See You On The Other Side!

OK, I think that’s given you a brief overview of what we’re about. Feel free to explore the website at your leisure, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates. Check back for blog articles every so often, and who knows? You might get some ideas for your next trip!

Jamie & Sarah

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